Digital ATV


The club has decided to begin building a Digital Amateur TV transmitter and site it at Ye Old Elizabeth Water Tower.

The frequency is 445.5 MHz and this can be found on almost all modern TV's. Testing has begun in Elizabeth from one of the members homes, and will progress to putting the transmitter, amplifiers and antennas on the water tower. You will have to check your TV to see if it can receive this frequency and if it can resolve H264 format TV. The current thinking is to have DATV transmissions every Sunday morning with the WIA news broadcast. Watch this space.

Tim VK5ZT has begun making a test pattern generator from a Raspberry Pi. There is very low output from the transmitter - less than 0 dbm. It needs A Class amplifiers to be linear and those amps have to be extremely linear to keep the distortion out, so the efficiencies will be in the order of 10 - 13%. Some testing will be done during JOTA at the Elizabeth Scout Hall to prove the link to the water tower. The transmitter will not be a repeater. It will be accessed via the Internet. At some stage a club night will be organized to bring TVs so they can be tuned. No date set yet.