November 2018 General Meeting of the Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club Inc.

Meeting opened at 20:28 following a talk on Antenna Analyzers by VK5NI.

Members present, as per the attendance book.


Visitors: Phillip and Paul

Previous Minutes:

Read by: VK5NE

Moved : VK5ZD

Seconded: VK5NI

Moved and carried that the minutes be accepted as read.

Business arising:

Deceased Estate – VK5OQ sold some transformers and raised another $80 total.

The Beacons. Mods completed to supress 2.4Ghz beacon when required for ATV. Not yet mounted up the water tower.

The proposal to link the NERC 2m repeaters with VK5RLZ still WIP.

JOTA/JOTI successful except for HF.

Website nothing new.

Clearing of Ted Cooling’s shack. Still on hold.

6m Repeater antenna. Has been tuned. Still has to be installed.

Correspondence in: Bank statements

Licence renewals

Correspondence out

ACMA advised of Beacon and ATV Frequencies.

Email reply to Elizabeth Electoral Office advising of contact details for the club has been sent. Actioned by Secretary.

Treasurers Report:

Moved: VK5VAB

Seconded: VK5OQ Carried

General business:

AHARS Buy and Sell – VK5ZT has a club table. Members can add items

VK5OQ has a table. VK5APN and VK5KK are sharing a table.

Club decided to sell the IC701 donated by David.

A new National 122Ghz record of 8km was set and then extended to 12.8km by VK5ZD and VK5KK

AHARS deceased Estate Policy. We have a copy. Do we want to adopt it or do something similar. Members to consider and decide at a later date.

VK5KAF has catalogued and tested many of the club valves and will supply details to VK5WX for the website.

Bare mixer challenge. Report your successes to VK5ZD.

Meeting closed 2100