Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club

Our club favours VHF, UHF, microwaves, light and contesting.


Water Tower access issue

The club has considerable assets (repeaters, beacons, APRS Digipeater etc) in the Old Water Tower at Elizabeth. Site access has been stopped to ALL users because of an OH&S issue. No one knows when the issue will be finalized, and it may be "years." If we have an equipment breakdown, then it may not be fixed for a very long time.

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2019-08-17 and 18 RD Contest WIA CONTEST RULES SITE
The club may have a portable contest site for the RD contest, to coincide with our 60th anniversary.
2019-08-21 August Tech Night. VKCL Contest Logging software.
2019-11-22 VHF - UHF Field Day.

2019-07-31 Keith VK5OQ portable at Ropers Crossing - Falls Creek on 7 MHz giving out numbers for VK Parks. A balmy 4 degrees C.
2019-07-17 David VK5KK discussing SDR at the July monthly tech night More pix
20190717-earc-01-sdr-night-david-vk5kk 20190717-earc-04-sdr-night-david-vk5kk 20190717-earc-05-sdr-night-david-vk5kk
Panel Primer by Tim VK5ZT. An excellent article written by Tim VK5ZT about the mods to make to the panel, and subsequent reprogramming of the microcontroller.

zip file for GARC (Geelong Amateur Radio Club) 3 GHz transceiver panels.

Records held by various EARC members

The previous record set by Iain VK5ZD and David VK5KK on 122 GHz has been temporarily exceeded.


2019-06-19 Iain VK5ZD discussing Digital TV


2019-06-19 Tim VK5ZT discussing Digital TV


2019-06-19 Tim VK5ZT discussing Digital TV

Antenna Testing Field Day and BYO BBQ Sunday 2019-02-24

This was instead of the February Wednesday Tech Night
This year there was testing of some HF gear.


Antenna Test Field Day Ridley Park


Antenna Test Field Day Ridley Park

Summer VHF UHF Field Day Contest Results

The contest was run on January 12/13. Congratulations to all who participated
Results here

24 GHz beacon 2018-12-05

Several members are beginning to accumulate bits for a 24 GHz beacon.

vk5microwave.net 2018-11-27

The Bare Mixer Challenge "VK5 Microwave" is an email group of VK5 amateur operators with an interest in microwaves. It provides an easy mechanism for communicating with other microwave operators in VK5 vk5microwave.net

VHF UHF Field Day 2018-11-24
Part of the Field Day more photos

Spring VHF UHF Field Day, hours 3 to 4. Looking east. Graeme VK5WX operating position PF86xa west of Ninnes SA. -33.996847 137.938613


Hours 5 to 6. Looking south towards Adelaide. Graeme VK5WX operating position PF96aa east of Ninnes SA. -33.963558 138.050752


Is this the ultimate 5 band portable setup? Iain VK5ZD operating 1296 MHz, 2 GHz, 3 GHz, 5 GHz and 10 GHz. The 1296 antenna is barely visible as a boom sticking out under the top solid dish. There are also 2 metre and 70 cm verticals behind the array.

Digital ATV

2018-11-10 The Digital Amateur TV transmitter is up and running and is semi operational.


The frequency is 445.5 MHz and this can be found on almost all modern TV's. Testing has begun in Elizabeth from one of continue


The Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club maintains and operates a number of repeaters, beacons and other gateways for both voice and data on a wide range of amateur bands in the Northern suburbs.

Repeaters - a

Band 6 mtr 2 mtr 70 cm
Covers Adl North Adl North Adl North
Frq Out 53.775 146.625 439.975
Frq In 52.775 146.025 434.975
Tone No No 91.5 Hz
Timeout 5 min 4 min 3 min
Located Water Tower Water Tower Water Tower
Opr ? Repair Yes Yes
HASL 90 90 90

Repeaters - b

Band 70 cm 23 cm
Covers Adl Plains Adl North
Callsign VK5ROC VK5RLZ
Frq Out 439.950 1273.550
Frq In 434.950 1293.550
Tone No ?
Timeout 5 min ?
Located Lower Light Water Tower
Opr ? Yes Repair
HASL 60 90

Beacons - a

Band 10 m 23 cm 13 cm
Freq 28.260 1296.452 2403.452
Opr ? 24/7 0700-2359 0700-2359
Loc'n Water Tower Water Tower Water Tower
ERP 38dBm 29 dBm 30 dBm
HASL 90 m 90 m 90 m

Beacons - b

Band 9 cm 6 cm 3 cm
Freq 3398.452 5670.452 10368.452
Opr ? 0700-2359 0700-2359 0700-2359
Loc'n Water Tower Water Tower Water Tower
ERP 36 dBm 33 dBm 27 dBm
HASL 90 m 90 m 90 m

Beacons - c

Band 1.25 cm
Callsign VK5RLZ
Freq 24048.452
Opr ? 2019
Loc'n Water Tower
HASL 90 m


A DVB-T ATV transmitter on 445.5 MHz is under construction at a members house, and will be shifted to Ye Aulde Water Tower when it is finished. It will be a transmitter only, not a repeater. The input is via the internet. At this stage, it is very low power because digital tv requires extremely low distortion A Class amplifiers, so expect about 12 watts when it is on the water tower. The frequency is a standard commercial television frequency and should be able to be viewed with a normal tv.

APRS Digipeater

The Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club operates an APRS digipeater on 145.175 MHz
The club may put up a UHF digipeater in the near future, using a modified Vaisala radiosonde and a receiver.


The Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club members are a diverse bunch of Amateur Radio operators based around the city of Elizabeth, north of Adelaide, South Australia.

Our members have various interests.

  • Several are on LF at 137 and 475 KHz.
  • Most still use HF despite the situation with the sunspots.
  • VHF has 50 MHz and 144 MHz active.
  • UHF has 432 MHz, 1296 MHz and 2.4 GHz very active.
  • SHF has 3 GHz, 5 GHz and 10 GHz active with a couple of bare mixer 24 GHz transverters in use.
  • EHF has several members building 47 GHz, 76 GHz and 122 GHz equipment.
  • LIGHT COMMUNICATIONS has become the latest high interest subject with two of our members having set the VK5 record for voice comms on home made light transmitters and receivers, and the NATIONAL RECORD for data transmission. Well done chaps!
  • Digital Amateur Television DATV has just started.

Our clubroom is at “The Grove Venue,” 5 Burdett Street, Elizabeth Grove, 5112.
Postal Address is PO Box 8 Elizabeth 5112 SA

  • EVERY Sunday morning at 09:00 is the rebroadcast of the WIA News on 1.843 MHz LSB and the VK5RLZ repeater 439.975 MHz 91.5 Hz tone with callback. There probably will be some Digital ATV transmissions at the same time on 445.5 MHz. This is a standard DTV channel.
  • First Wednesday of the month are the business meetings. Doors open at 19:30 for a 20:00 start.
  • Second Wednesday of the month we meet on air at 20:00 on our 2 metre repeater VK5RLZ 146.625 MHz no tone
  • Third Wednesday of the month are the Tech Nights and we usually have a Guest Speaker. Doors open at 19:30 for a 20:00 start.
  • Fourth Wednesday of the month we meet on air at 20:00 on 3.620 MHz SSB +- QRM.
  • EVERY Friday night at 20:00 has 2 metre SSB/CW skeds on 144.150 SSB
  • There is an informal Morning Tea Net at exactly 10:00 on our 70 cm repeater VK5RLZ 439.975 MHz 91.5 Hz tone which is on the Old Elizabeth Water Tower near Edinburgh.
  • Many members meet in person 10:00 Wednesday mornings with NERC members at the Tea Tree Gully Library at 571 Montague Rd, Modbury SA 5092 for informal coffee and cake. This has become a very well attended group
  • The regular VHFers and above make their own arrangements.

The current excitement is around 3 GHz using old patch panels obtained from the  Geelong Amateur Radio Club and on 1296 MHz using transverters.

Other microwave activity revolves around contests, particularly the VHF-UHF Field Days, where our club members have been particularly successful.

The club is also a member of the Wireless Institute of Australia


2019 Summer VHF UHF Field Day contest 2019-01-12 01:00 UTC to 2019-01-13 01:00 UTC

VHF UHF Field Day contests WIA site


Contact us

We have deliberately not put up email addresses so we don't get spammed.
You may manually e mail us by figuring out this address.
president at earc dot org dot au
Come along on either the first or third Wednesday night at
The Grove Venue, 5 Burdett Street
Elizabeth Grove SA 5112.